Why are nap dreams a hundred times more weird than regular dreams?
I wake up feeling uneasy.

Has anyone here that partakes in illicit drugs ever had to take a hair test and passed?
I have a job lined up when I get back to Las Vegas but I’ve taken a few different types of drugs that stay in your hair for a very long time.
Has anyone used a certain detox shampoo that helped them pass?

The problem is it’s at my mom’s work and if I don’t pass the test she’ll find out the drugs I’ve done, so it’s pretty imperative I pass.

Or does anyone have a great job lined up for me in Las Vegas that pays $11+ an hour?
That’d be cool too.


oh, and they come unstuck.

I take it back
I can’t tell if I’m being honest anymore
I’ve been emotionally void for so long and when I thought I wasn’t
I realized I was wrong and I say things out loud to people that I don’t know if I entirely mean


Violent Femmes - Kiss Off

They’ll hurt me bad but I won’t mind
They’ll hurt me bad, they do it all the time